The former resident of our rescue centre, a common kestrel was set free

Dear Visitors!


We receive many enquiries via email and in person about our animal rescue operations. It is known that at our nature reserve we take in animals but it is only true in case of animals living in the wild within Hungary. In the following description you can obtain information about our animal rescue regulation.


We take in animals—by preliminary appointment—during opening hours. The last take in is 2 hours before the zoo closes.

We take in:

  • Wild amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species and/or their damaged / diseased offspring (from Hungarian habitats)
  • Wild bird and mammal species and their young offsprings in need of care (from Hungarian habitats)
  • Red-eared slider

Warning! We take in read-eared slider only in case a preliminary appointment has been made! Please call our zoo on the following number (+36-96/618-367), because we cannot take them in between October and March due to the frosty weather.

We take in the following animals only in case of preliminary approval:

  • Wild amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species and/or their healthy offsprings
  • Exotic hobby and domestic pets
  • Farm animals

We DO NOT take in:

  • Cats and dogs