The guinea pig train is on its way!

In the Janos Xantus Zoo we have been entertaining our visitors with a unique sight since 1st April. Last year’s favourite programme, the guinea pig train is running again every day at 10:30 and 17:30. On our social media interface we were delighted to see that the video of the “train” has reached 1.300.000 views. Thank you all for your support, shares and nice comments!

“Please be careful near the tracks!” Because the “train” is very shy, we would like to ask our visitors to avoid standing near the tracks. Please avoid too loud noises near the tracks and do not touch the animals. If we all keep these regulations, we are going to have an exciting experience! In the lifted route we created for them, guinea pigs are running one after another to get their breakfast, and this “train” creates a heart-warming and funny spectacle. With loud whistle they are happily running towards their destination.

Guinea pigs are interesting animals, and they have a special quality: they are literally able to jump for joy! A happy pig will chirp, cracle and jump while making 180 degree turn in the air. Either this, or running round and round are what guinea pigs do. Happiness is contagious, if one pig stars it, all the others follow it. A large pile of hay or fresh bedding can trigger this reaction.

Come and see this sight in our zoo!

As we care about the health of our animals, in case of bad weather (rain, storms) the guinea-pig “train” is not running! Thank you for your understanding!