Guided tours-Thematic walks

This programme is mainly recommended to primary school students. This guided tour lasts for about 1,5-2 hours, and kids can obtain precious information about the inhabitants of our zoo. They get to know their habits, nature and behaviour. We accept groups of 30 students at max.

The time of our programmes conforms to the opening hours of our zoo. On the occasion of our special programmes, on bank holidays we are not able to offer guided tours.

Thematic guided tours /by appointment/:

„Continents” – Africa, America, Asia

„Monkey parade” – primates at the zoo

„What does it eat?” – food chain - carnivores and herbivores, and many more…

Guided tour: 8.000 Ft. Available only by preliminary appointment.

Information on guided tours: 06/96/618-367 extension-11


While feeding, kids can observe animals in their natural habitat. It is not only the movement of the animals, but also the eating habits which can be studied during these feedings. These events are held by skilled animal caregivers, who are willing to talk about the habits and way of life of the given animal, and they are more than happy to answer the arising questions. These feedigns are only available as part of other events in the zoo (tours, zoo-birthdays, etc.)


During the summer vacation, the zoo-camp is available for 9 weeks. Kids aged between 9-14 years are welcome to experience this camp that does not only provide diversified programmes but also ensure a useful way to spend their summer vacation by acquiring new knowledge in the camp. Most of their time is spent around the animals (mainly cleaning and feeding tasks) but we put emphasis on teaching kids about our inhabitants. Amongst many other programmes, there are lectures, playful contests, craft workshops and a field trip.

Helping thesis writers and those on professional traineenship

We are willing to help university students with biology or pedagogy major (and also those learning event-organization) with their thesis and obligatory traineeship required for their qualification. On the occasion of our special events and camps we are happy to take on students from universities, colleges or vocational schools as trainees.


Our temporary exhibitions are major complements to educational opportunities. The well-equipped educational room is the venue of these exhibitions.


Zoo-pedagogy – 2018 in Füles Bástya


In the activities of Janos Xantus Zoo, education has always played a significant part. Based on this fact, zoo-pedagogy is emphasized in the classroom of Fülesbástya.

Some of the most important roles of a zoo include the protection of species and habitat along with nature conservation. In order to achieve these goals, environmental education is essential. We believe that it is highly important for kids to acquire knowledge and experience about animals in order to be able to respect their environment and realize the importance of nature conservation. This way we can hope they become responsible adults in the future.

The casemate has an event hall suitable for 35-40 people and its peculiarity is that it is furnished with terrariums, therefore natures is within a reach. Our demonstration centre provides excellent possibility for our visitors to observe animals in a habitat that is very similar to their own.

Recommended for kindergarten-and schoolkids

Close to nature - INTERactive session

We warmly welcome all kindergarten kids and pupils from primary schools who are interested in the wonders of nature and would like to get acquainted with their environment witihin the frame of an extraordinary class. On the occasion of our interactive sessions we keep in mind the age and previous knowledge of our little visitors.

Interactive sessions in our zoo this year (2018):

With the eyes of a kinkajou:

/A walk into the world of Amazonas/

The wildlife in Fülesbástya helps us to see the life of the jungle and its inhabitants (from getting food to possible threats) with the eyes of a kinkajou./.

Responsible pet ownership:

/Take care of your animals and environment!/

We talk to kids about the responsibility of keeping a pet at home and the need to socialize it. We use habituated animals when demonstrating the daily needs of such animals.


We welcome groups from kindergarten and primary school! Preliminary appointment is necessary!

Füles Bástya /9022 Győr, Pálffy u. 4/B/

Phone: +36/20 392 8914

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On weekends, during school vacations and special zoo events it is not possible for us to offer educational sessions.

On these occasions, when educational sessions are not available, we encourage our visitors to take part in the offered special events about which you can read on our homepage.