In December 2011 we moved into the heart of downtown. Fülesbástya in the centre of Győr, and the interactive ecological demonstration site in it is an excellent place for the entire family to relax. Now visitors can get a glimpse on the wildlife of South-America while they can observe the original state of the bastion. One of the most spectacular segments of the exhibition is the paludarium (18 meter-long and 200 cubic meter), which displays the wildlife of Amazonas. Visitors can walk 40 meters with the world’s strongest ant, the leafcutter ant. During this trip in the rainforest, kids and adults can get to know some very rare and special, but friendly species and they can also touch them. There are approximately 40 species and we have several hundred of them in our facility.

Permanent programs:

Sandor Zsila wildlife photographer’s exhibition: Sandor Zsila is one of the most acknowledged, award-winning wildlife photographers in Hungary. In Fülesbástya you can see the wonderful wildlife photos he took on his journey to South-America.

Feeding:We provide opportunity for our visitors to take part in the feeding of our animals. If you are interested in these feedings, please check out the “Programs, events” tab, “Public feedings” option.

Petting zoo: For small and bigger kids as well, it is exciting to touch and pet animals they do not meet every day. At us, kids can see and touch gastrotheca, ball pythos, Madagascar hissing cockroach, hooded rats and even pogonas. This program is a good chance for people to make friends with these not so popular animals. This event is available for zoo birthdays and during guided tours.