Let’s celebrate together 50 years of growling – chirping – squealing – screaming – hissing – meowing – hooting – purring – howling – neighing – mumbling – quacking – grunting – squawking – humming and all the beautiful memories!


Our institution celebrates its 50th anniversary in May, 2017. This year is a jubilee in the life of the zoo; therefore we wish to celebrate it with many special events and programmes throughout the year. The first, zoo-like establishment in Győr was formed in 1962, in the Bishop’s Forest, close to the Forestry. The wildlife park was placed into the floodplains of the Moson-Danube and their main task was to show the games and predators of our homeland. The 1966 flood washed away the park, most of the animals died; the lucky ones were given to the inhabitants of Győr. After this sad event the need emerged for a zoo to be established. The city council of Győr handed over the keys of “1st May Cultural Park” on 1st May, 1967. Back in those days the park consisted of two segments: a wildlife park and an amusement park.

On 1st April 1997 Janos Xantus Zoo PBC was established. A well-trained, young team took the leadership of this new corporation. Dr. György Andreka got a couple of years to prove the raison d’être of the establishment. The main goal of the management was to improve the conditions in the park, which did not simply mean the way animals were kept, but also the promotion of educational and zoo-pedagogical activities. By 2007, when the zoo celebrated its 40th anniversary, the park was modernized and all the animals lived in their improved kennels. Visitors can journey around the world in our zoo, getting to know the wildlife and culture of many different places. We offer special free-time activities as well.

Our first gift to you is this special, birthday-image and the possibility of a time-travel! If you click on the upper-corner on our homepage, our history is shown in form of nice, short stories. From the Bishop’s Forest, until the birth of our chimpanzee girl, Zahira, you can go through the interesting (and sometimes weathered) story of our zoo.

During this jubilee year we are awaiting our visitors with a wide variety of programmes and fantastic shows!

Celebrate our birthday with us!